Road Closures & Alternate Routes

Completing this project requires closing I‑295 between Portland and Falmouth, as well as the section of Veranda Street where it becomes Route 1 at the project site, on the following dates:

  • I‑295 will be closed between Bucknam Road in Falmouth and Washington Avenue. All traffic will be detoured off I‑295 at these locations.
  • The Exit 9 northbound off-ramp in Portland will remain open during the closure. In Falmouth, the Exit 10 southbound off-ramp, and the northbound on-ramp, will also remain open. This is to accommodate anyone who absolutely must travel in this area during the closure weekend.
  • Veranda Street, underneath the interstate bridge in Portland, will be closed for seven days. All traffic, bicyclists, and pedestrians on Veranda Street will be detoured away from the project site.

Following the rapid demolition and replacement of the bridge, the interstate will be reopened. Veranda Street will reopen at a later time

Veranda Project Overview

I‑295 Detours

Through Traffic on I‑295

Whenever possible, motorists traveling through the area are strongly urged to avoid the project site entirely by using the Falmouth Spur and I‑95, the Maine Turnpike.

Alternate routes

Local Traffic on I‑295

The following I‑295 detours will be in place

Southbound on I‑295

Motorists traveling southbound on I-295 will be required to take Exit 10 in Falmouth. They will be detoured west onto Bucknam Road and then south onto Route 9. After reaching Washington Avenue, motorists can head east to rejoin 295.

Alternate routes

Northbound on I‑295

Motorists traveling northbound on I‑295 will be required to take Exit 9 in Portland and detour north along Route 1 through Falmouth and back onto I‑295 using the Bucknam Road interchange.

Alternate routes

Veranda Street/Route 1 Detours

The following Veranda Street and Route 1 detours will also be in place during the project.


Motorists heading northbound on Veranda Street will be detoured onto I‑295 northbound at the Baxter Boulevard on-ramp and then onto Route 1 using Exit 9.

Alternate routes


Motorists heading southbound on Route 1 from Falmouth will be detoured beginning at the intersection of Route 1 and Route 88 in Falmouth. Detoured motorists will follow Route 1 northbound through Falmouth, turn west onto Bucknam Road, and turn south onto Route 9. After reaching Washington Avenue, motorists can head east to rejoin I‑295 or continue directly to destinations in Portland.

Alternate routes